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Network Services

The Network Services team  provides all aspects of networking at Fermilab including, but not limited to, basic wired and wireless network connectivity, IP address management, name and address resolution, network time, node registration and guest registration services, Internet access, and network monitoring.
For detailed service offerings please see the Service Catalog at ServiceNow portal (login required).

Standard Network Access

Standard network access is available to all Fermilab employees, visitors, contractors working at Fermilab or Fermilab controlled facilities at Ash River, MN and SURF at SD.  The features of standard network access  include wired and wireless connections, Internet, DHCP/NTP, network monitoring, basic network security protection.

DNS Records Management

Users may request the addition/removal of DNS records for services, additional network interfaces, convenience names, aliases, etc. The features of this offering include:  IP Address Management (IPAM) to assign and manage subnets and address assignments for users,  support of DNSSEC, registration of new domains.

Data Center Networking

Installation/ decommissioning of the physical network infrastructure. This includes installation/ decommissioning of cables, network electronics, racks, PDUs. For installations, the customer is responsible for bearing the direct costs of acquiring and maintaining equipment needed.

Wide Area Networking

Provides offsite/internet connectivity for the Laboratory. Support is 24x7 including end-to-end virtual circuits to the selected remote sites to support science data movement.

Applications Delivery Service

The network load balancer offering allows service providers a way to distribute workloads across multiple computing resources such as servers, compute clusters, network ports, etc. This service in only available to computers located in the data centers., etc.  

VoIP Service

VoIP is a telephony service that uses the network infrastructure instead of a traditional phone line. VoIP availability is limited and subject to equipment availability.